We all strive to have the right product in the right place at the right time.

The design process is collaborative and dynamic. Images are constantly changing. How can we manage it all?

E-Spec’s Route-It! manages your images for you, routing the right types of images to the right place so they will be there when they are needed.

Route-It! is a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator that works with our JPEG Publisher and XMP Publisher plug-ins to post image files as they are saved to a web service enabled database. These images are inserted on-demand wherever needed: to populate databases, to feed and maintain product specifications in PLM and PDM systems, to digital asset management systems, to FTP sites, internal websites.

An Adobe Illustrator user saves their file in a target location and instantly, images across the organization are synchronized. Redundant work and errors are eliminated. Your creative staff, liberated from generating duplicate images and saving them into each required location, is free to focus on being creative. All of this done from within Adobe Illustrator!

Your images.

In the right place.

Every time.

Available for Adobe Illustrator® CS5 and CS6
On-demand client/server communication
Submit XMP data and image files directly to a web service
Route images to specific locations in within the database
Send copies of images to multiple systems simultaneously

The E-Spec Solution

E-Spec, Inc. provides complete digital workflow solutions that integrate Adobe Creative Suite software with your business enterprise processes and systems.

Instant synchronization of images across the organization while eliminating redundant work and errors for your creative staff, freeing them to focus on being creative. That’s E-Spec’s Image Importer.


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